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Home Watch Services
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Home Watch Services
Watching your property while you're away

Gone for the winter? Away on vacation?
Traveling? Is your home vacant? On the market?
Is your rental home unoccupied?

Worried about your home when you're not there? We can help!
Winter weather, storm damage, power outages, burst pipes, flooding, burglaries, vandalism and animal intrusion are all things that can create problems and stress when you're away from home. But with our home watch services you can relax knowing you have a professional keeping an eye on things when you're gone. We'll thoroughly check your property on a regular schedule and assist in getting problems resolved quickly and efficiently so there are no surprises when you return home.

Serving Harpswell Region






Exterior Check

  • Confirm house and property are secure
  • Look for suspicious activity - forced entry, vandalism, tire tracks etc.
  • Check for storm damage, branches down
  • Look for broken windows, torn shingles, loose gutters
  • Verify lawn & snow removal services are being done
  • Check garages, outbuildings
  • Check on boat, dock, float
  • Check mailbox, pick up flyers & packages left outside

Interior Check

  • Verify inside temperature is at set point - heat, A/C
  • Check on refrigerators, freezers
  • Look for moisture on ceilings, walls, floors, kitchen & bathroom cabinets
  • Make note of oil or propane levels
  • Look for animal & pest intrusion
  • Check basement / bulkhead / sump pump
  • Confirm there are no tripped circuit breakers



Other Services - additional cost

  • Additional visit after storm, clear branches & debris
  • Verify systems are back up after power outage
  • Forward contents of mailbox, ship / receive packages
  • Inspect & manually exercise generator
  • Replace lightbulbs, refill pest repellents
  • Replace batteries - smoke detectors, thermostats
  • Let in contractors / deliveries
  • Assist in coordinating winter projects & repairs
  • Start car
  • Light trucking
  • Electrical maintenance & repairs - Rick is a Master Electrician

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Property Checks
Our property checks start at $40 per visit depending on your individual needs. Monthly updates are included with billing but we'll contact you immediately if an issue is found. We suggest weekly, every other week, or monthly visits. Call us for a free site visit to get started!

Professional - Responsive - Trustworthy

About Us
Rick & Helen Thibodeau started Independent Power in 2000 and have been reliably serving customers in the Harpswell region for many years. Rick is a licensed Master Electrician with over 25 years of experience. He's installed automatic generator systems for lots of our seasonal clients providing comfort and security while they're gone. Expanding our services to include home checks was a natural fit and adds another layer of protection for your property. We'd be honored to watch your home while you're away.


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